Bespoke Development

Fed up with having to make do when using online tools? Custom-written software is created to your specifications. It does eactly what you want it to do in the way you want to do it.

Is This You?

  • You want to get two tools talking to each other, but you just can't figure it out.
  • You want to appear more professional and have your tools match your brand, but have no idea how to go about it.
  • You want help with the techie side of your website, because tackling it yourself is super scary.
  • You want to have custom software built that does exactly what you need, and saves you time every single day because you don't have to do it all manually.

Cat in NSW Australia

Hello! I’m Cat, and I'm a software developer specialising in Web with over 20 years experience working in the industry.

My skills include:

  • JavaScript and React
  • C
  • PHP
  • C# and .NET
  • CSS and HTML
  • SQL Server, MySQL, noSQL, Firebase
  • IIS, Apache, Unix Scripting

For further details of my professional experience, see:

The Process

  1. We kick off with a quick free call to talk through what you want help with, how long it will take, and an estimated cost for the job.
  2. You'll be sent a deposit invoice and a contract for the project.
  3. Once it's all signed off, I’ll book you into my calendar (usually with a 1-2 week lead time) and keep you updated as I work.
  4. Small projects start at $US350; and custom code starts at US$1150 with the final payment due on project delivery.

Cat is quite simply one of the very best web developers I've been lucky enough to work with. She has an exceptionally high attention to detail, and a great technical understanding of the whole development lifecycle. Would recommend working with her in a heartbeat.

Alan James