The Tech in Your Business

I Work with Service Based Business Owners to Help You Automate and Streamline

so that you can free up your time, improve your customer experience, and scale your business.

Services I Offer

I'm Cat Doyle, a lifelong techie, former natural therapist, and professional tech untangler.

If you are struggling with the tech in your business, feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume, or wanting to get the most out of it all; I'm your girl.

Automation and streamlining can take the workload off you while providing consistency for your clients and adding to your professionalism at the same time. Once you are past the very first stage of business and starting to ramp up the volume of clients, it's well worth spending some time sorting out your tech so that you can work more efficiently and scale your business.

I've been a web developer since 1999 — working at top online agencies in London and Sydney — before starting my own online business in 2007. Since then, I've created websites — for natural therapists and artists especially, worked with hundreds of online business owners to get their tech together, created my own online course, and become certified as an Acuity Expert in 2018.

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Cat in Sydney Australia

Client Love

I was grateful to find Cat recently to help me modernize my dated looking Acuity scheduler. I wasn't entirely certain what I wanted but knew I needed to consider various mock ups first -- to see visually how different things might look. Cat was an extremely good listener to my needs. I found her patient with my many requests and on the flip side, very speedy with her delivery of mock ups and insights to the value of each.

Cat is a great value for the money. She saved me hours from self-teaching the Acuity platform and she brought an expert eye to the project. I highly encourage you to consider her, for Cat is not some flighty millennial but a seasoned professional who really understands quality. She thinks beyond the job.