Cat Doyle

Developer & Acuity Certified Expert

I’ll help you finish those projects that you’ve started but not finished.

Hello, I'm Cat and I am here to help you implement all those sexy ideas that you had for your business that you haven't got done yet.

My gift is working with you side-by-side to get your tech all set up and talking to each other and working for your business. We meet on Zoom - with our laptops for screensharing, and a cuppa if you like - and I’ll help you get your stuff done right there on the call!

Think of me as your own personal tech advisor. Firstly I act as a sounding board for your big ideas and advise you on what's possible with how much work.

Then we quickly get into the implementation. Our sessions together are highly practical and I will do a whole heap of work for you right there on the call. And here's the magic... because you're there with me, when other things pop up as we work, we can resolve them right there on the spot. It's super efficient, you will learn as we go (so that you can tweak things later when you have another great idea), and we can get your ideas implemented so much faster.

This is a fast way to work where you have continuous input into the process so that we can flex and bend and you can think on your feet as new possibilities open up that you hadn’t even considered.

Ways I can Help You:
Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Setup With an Acuity Certified Expert

Website Calls

Website HelpFor WordPress and other platforms

Developer Services

Custom Development CSS, PHP, HTML, Javascript

Training Calls

Technical Training For Mailchimp & WordPress

A Few of My Happy Clients


Cat is breath of fresh air when you just want to hire someone to take over and get it done! She is a great listener, patient, and very efficient... not to mention that she has a cool accent. I would highly recommend Cat and her services.

Rene Nelson Real Estate Broker, Oregon USA

Cat is a great value for the money. She saved me hours from self-teaching the Acuity platform and she brought an expert eye to the project. I highly encourage you to consider her, for Cat is not some flighty millennial but a seasoned professional who really understands quality. She thinks beyond the job.

Liza Caldwell Divorce Coach, New York USA

I recently had a serious (and crazily intermittent) issue with my Wordpress website, where pages would render as a bunch of random and unreadable symbols, making it completely unusable. Cat came to the rescue and figured out the solution in super quick time! She explained to me in non-technical terms what the problem was and got me sorted swiftly. She was smart and lovely, and I would recommend her highly to anyone having issues with their website!

Julie Gibbons Branding & Web Design, NSW Australia